Stats 21

<p>I'm an incoming freshmen that wants to take Stats 21 (Fall Stats 20 teachers don't sound too good at ratemyprofessors....). Professors for Stats 21 in Fall are IBSER, F H; GAGNON-BARTSCH, J; YU, B </p>

<p>I know that Ibser is a decent lecturer, but has a killer curve, while Gagnon-Bartsch used to be a GSI for I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Gagnon-Bartsch? And since I have never taken stats in high school, would you recommend me to buy the book, review past podcasts during summer to prepare? I might apply for Haas, so would I be able to take Stats 21 sophomore spring to avoid it being on my application? Also Haas changed its requirements for applicants of 2012,
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<p>so that they have to take a math class regardless if they get a 5 on the Calculus BC, so would taking Math16B be better than taking Math 1B?</p>

<p>Math 16B is easier than Math 1B.</p>

<p>Math 16B is indeed easier than 1B. The material of Stat 21 isn't difficult, just prepare for some intense competition b/c it is stat for business majors after all..</p>

<p>How's Prof. Yu for STAT 21? I've heard not as good as Ibser, but can any students speak from experience?</p>

<p>Ok so it is established that Math 16B is easier than Math 1B. </p>

<p>Does that mean you take the easier one to boost your GPA? Or does taking the Math 1B make you look better because its harder? (This is assuming you got a 5 on the AP Calc BC Exam.)</p>

<p>Btw im not hijacking this thread because the OP wants to know this too =)</p>

<p>its harder but definitely not impossible. I didn't even take BC but did relatively well.</p>