Stats? Can anyone who has gotten in either this year or last share your stats?

My daughter is very interested and will be applying in '20, and I’ve seen the stats on College Data but would still love to see some stats posted here. I just don’t see them for VCU like I do for a lot of other schools. I believe her test scores will be well within range but her GPA is likely going to be right around the 3.0 mark. She’s also hoping for VCUarts but I have no idea how her portfolio will show compared with others, so I’d like to think she could get in on grades/scores. She has a few learning disabilities and will have very few honors/AP level classes but attends a fairly rigorous prep school in NoVa. Thanks!

You have a unique situation here. Looking at other’s stats may not help you much. Given the circumstances, I’m sure she will get in. Hang in there.

@g8rmomk8ans – I think VCU weighs pretty heavily on portfolio for VCUarts majors.

Ok thanks. I just find it odd that so many other school discussion boards list stats with their acceptances/denials but that is not the case for VCU. This is not my first child to go to through this process and seeing stats for other schools was really helpful. I have no idea how much her portfolio will help her or even if she’ll end up still wanting the Arts program, which is why I was trying to get a feel for where her other stats would put her.

My son had a 2.89 GPA and a 1040 SAT super score. He got into VCU Arts and is now a freshman there. Honestly, getting into VCU is not difficult, which is probably why you don’t see a lot of stats. However, getting into VCU Arts is a whole new ballgame. Last year they only accepted 25% of applicants (we were told this at the New Student Orientation last summer). So the portfolio is the most important part of the application for VCU Arts.

See this page:

Thank you @sbgal2011. I know that their arts program is super competitive so congrats to your son! She’s in a strong art program but we’ll need to go to a portfolio day so that she can get some feedback, and I’d also like for her to do an intensive summer program–she’d rather do it the summer between junior and senior year.

FYI- my daughter got accepted early admission into VCU Arts last year. ACT 33 (34 superscore which I think VCU does), 4.5/4.0 GPA. She ultimately choose University of Michigan Stamps College of Art and Design though- they offered her an even larger scholarship and wanted better academics.

Also, here’s a tip. We visited VCU Arts early summer before her senior year. We brought along a usb drive of all her artwork. After our tour we stopped by the admissions office and happened to catch the admission director. She sat down with us and my daughter went through all her artwork and she offered advice. It was pretty great and she was super nice. You may want to do that if you have a chance.

our Daughter is a junior at VCUARTS . The art school does NOT have the same stats as the greater VCU. Obviously , better grades are a plus but , there will be a lot of focus on her portfolio #1 and they also prefer to see that the student has pursued art outside of school as well. ie summer intensives , and enrichment classes. I think they also may have reviewed several sketch books(but not sure that was VCU or Cooper Union). Build that portfolio now and be sure to draw daily and draw from real life. Good luck, its a highly competitive program but its also one of the strongest. Our D loves it .

Gpa: 3.63 weighted
Unweighted unknown since it’s not in transcript
SAT: 1200

Eight Grade:

  • Algebra 1 B (I took a high school class in middle school)

-Earth Science B
-Geometry C

  • Health/PE 1 B+
  • Honor English 9 C+
  • Spanish 1 B
    -Vocal Ensemble A +
  • World History 1 B+


  • Algebra Functions and Data Analysis (some sort of remedial class) A
  • Biology 1 A
  • Health/PE A+
  • World History 2 B+
  • Spanish 2 B
  • Vocal Ensemble A+
  • Honors English 10 A+


  • Algebra 2 B+
  • Chemistry B+
  • Economics B+
  • Honors English 11 A+
  • Spanish 3 B+
  • Vocal Ensemble A+

Senior Semester One - colleges know I’m taking these classes but they don’t have final grades yet
-Trig/Advanced Algebra

    -Advanced PE
  • Vocal Ensemble

I did two seasons of track and was spirit club secretary sophomore year
3 Superior ratings at state choral assessment though it was an ENTIRE CLASS ACHIEVEMENT not just me
One teacher recommendation I think
African American
I moved during junior year so that could have softened the admissions thought of my junior year grades

And that’s basically my life story :slight_smile: