Stats for Acceptance into James Madison College (MSU)

Hi everyone! I’m a rising senior in high school and recently the James Madison College at MSU has really caught my attention and is currently my top choice. I’m nervous, though, that my stats aren’t good enough. If you got into James Madison College, can you put your stats below so I can compare? I’ll also put mine in here so anyone who knows what they generally accept can tell me what they think. Thank you :slight_smile:

My Stats
3.9 UW GPA 4.16 W
1350 SAT (690 Reading 660 Math)
16 AP/Dual Enrollment/Honors at time of graduation (Including APUSH, AP Gov, AP Lit, and dual enrollment in politics, law, and history related classes)
ECs: Track for three years, Environmental/Green club, some volunteer work

I’m also in state btw if that matters :slight_smile:

You should be good as long as you apply before November 1.

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