STATS for accepted students ED vs RD

<p>Do they have stats (SAT GPA ETC) for accepted students listed separately for ED and RD?
Thanks in advance</p>

<p>I don't think so, but it shouldn't matter. If Cornell is your top choice, apply early. If not, go regular. A slight variation in statistics should not influence your decision.</p>

<p>I was just wondering if the stats existed, it will not impact my decision.
Thanks for the reply</p>

<p>ED vs RD stats don't really matter imo. No matter which pool you apply to, I think fit ultimately makes the difference.</p>

<p>I applied ED to Penn w/ triple legacy. My SAT score is 2200 and GPA was around 3.8 (which makes me an average competitive applicant). W/ all my hooks and ED, statistically my chances were around 50%. However, I was deferred and then ultimately rejected.</p>

<p>Cornell had an acceptance rate of 18% this year, which includes all of the colleges and ED inflation. Arts and sciences RD rate was prob much lower than that and I was accepted without any hooks. The only explanation for this is that these schools are looking for fit more than anything. You should not even consider admission percentages when you are applying. If the college thinks you are an integral part of the upcoming class, they will accept you.</p>