Stats for Barnard/Wellesley/Amherst/Swarthmore/NYU/CUNY Macaulay?

I’m an international student and a junior living in the US, and I am thinking of applying to the colleges listed above. If you are going to apply/have applied or a current student, please let me know about your stats (like SAT/ACT scores, GPAs, ECs etc).
It will be very helpful to get a sense of what the stats for applicants to these schools are like! Thank you!

check out the common data set for schools you are interested in. More statically significant then getting a few responses here.

Look up the Common Data Sets for each college. Google " Common Data Sets", and look at the data for the past three years. As for ECs, there are no particular ECs that are “good” for any specific college. Browse here, look at the stats of accepted students for each of these colleges, and get a feel for what type of ECs are generally “good”. That means “type”, not the specific ECs.

What visa are you on?

Just from what I know, Amherst and Swarthmore would need 1520+ and amazing EC’s with acceptance rates in the single digits. Barnard, Wellesly, and NYU would need scores around 1400-1500, but also great EC’s especially for NYU, which now has a 16% acceptance rate. Have no clue about CUNY

A friend of mine had a 4.33 weighted GPA and a 28 ACT. accepted to Wellesley, waitlisted at NYU

OP states she is international. That makes admission harder everywhere. Hence the (unanswered) question about visa type.

D is applying ED1 to Wellesley with SAT 1440, Math II 790, APs English, Macro, Micro 4 Maths AB 5. Decent ECs and LORs. International from India. super nervous times to say the least.