stats from a nu freshman

<p>ya'll seem to be freaking out a bit. anyways, i was waitlisted and then accepted to NU's mccormick school in biomed eng.</p>

SAT: 2130 (760 math, 720 crit, 650 writ)
ACT: 34
SAT IIs: 800 math 2c, 800 chem, 730 bio M, 630 bio e
APs: mehap 2, chem 3
GPA: 3.66 uw
Rank: top 20%
Essays: alright, focused a lot on my ECs
Hook (if any): 12 years worth of choir, founding member</p>

<p>Location/Person: Bay Area
State or Country: CA
School Type: Public
Ethnicity: asian
Gender: m</p>

<p>Other Factors:
Extracurriculars: choir 12 yr, key club webmaster, middle school outreach 3 yrs, school choir 4 yrs, lots of community service, piano 12 yrs, jazz piano 2 yrs, jazz band 2 yrs</p>

<p>etc etc. so yeah, just a little comparison for you guys if it helps at all.</p>