Stats of accepted people

<p>I was wondering what the SATs and GPAs are of people who have gotten in. I know the regular decision standards are different than the early standards, but it would be helpful to know what kinds of kids got in.</p>

<p>GPA: 93/100 ranked 24 out of 150
Rural Upstate NY High School
SAT 1940 , ACT 32, SAT II Chem 640 , Math II 690, US History 750
Did not apply for financial aid</p>

<p>Senior Classes:
AP Government and Politics
AP Psychology
English 4

- Model UN 10,11,12 (Elected Treasurer 11,12)
- Class Officer 11 (Elected Treasurer)
- Varsity Soccer 11,12 (Varsity Letter 11, Manager 12)
- Leo Club 11,12
- American Mathematics Competition 11, 12</p>

<li>Volunteered at physicians office 4 hours a week since 8th grade</li>
<li>Conducted research into Zebrafish at Clarkson University 500+ hours</li>
<li>Currently work as computer programmer/network engineer for Clarkson University's Center for the Environment</li>

<p>RD decisions are out ??</p>

<p>Has anyone been accepted RD?</p>

<p>i called today and they said only the engineering school has been notified</p>

<p>My son was accepted ED, 2060 SAT, 740 and 700 on his SAT 2's, lowish GPA of about a 3.2 unweighted, major upward trend, the hardest courese, outstanding essays, superb rec's and very good ec's.</p>

<p>I was accepted with a 3.36/4.00 GPA unweighted (school neither weights nor ranks) and I got an 1860 total on my SATs (570 Cr, 670 Math, 620 wr).</p>

<p>I have some good ec's including a sport all four years (varsity for 3 and elected captain this year). My essays were very good (I wouldn't have submitted them if they were bad...) and my recommendations were good and/or from good people (I wouldn't have asked the people to write recommendations if they didn't like me).</p>

<p>does anyone know when they actually send decisions?</p>

<p>applied rd biomedical engineering and haven't heard...gwu I thought was a good match for me
GPA-4.8 weighted, 4.0 unweighted
lots of aps
lifetime dancer, 3 yrs varsity hs team
service club pres.
internship at u of minn pediatric oncology...hmmm
now i'm worried...should I be</p>

<p>dncrgrl102, you have amazing statistics, I think if you are worried we should all be worried. That being said, I think you are ok!</p>

<p>ugh so frustrating...of course all the engineering applicants would hear but myself hehe</p>


<p>I know a lot of people who got into Harvard, Princeton, MIT, UPenn, etc, but didn't get into GWU. Actually, GWU is infamous for that. It is theorized that GWU does this because they feel you are overqualified, and thus are most likely going to attend some other school. It hurts a school's ranking on US News's and Newsweek's list of rankings when a college gets a low percentage of people who were accepted to attend. I think it's like the yield rate. So don't feel too worried, you're just a very humble person, because your stats are really amazing.</p>