Stats of People Who Got Reagents Scholarship

I can’t find much on this forum about people who have received this scholarship and was wondering if anyone here would be willing to share their stats. I will be applying this upcoming fall and think I maybe be able to get a full ride.

I have a 1490 SAT and about a 3.9 UW/ 4.2 W gpa.

For what its worth, my son got the Amigo Scholarship with a 1490 SAT and a lower GPA.

I think you have a decent chance as long as you have a lot of extracurriculars, leadership experience, volunteering etc.

For reference,

My sister applied ~5 years ago with about 3.95 UW/ 4.3 W GPA, 33 ACT and didn’t get it. She didn’t have super extracurriculars. She did not get it.

I did not bother applying for Regents last fall because I was pressed for time and didn’t think I would get it anyway. I had 3.9 UW/ 4.4W GPA, 33 ACT and decent ECs.

We both got Presidential however. So again, if your ECs look as good or better than your GPA/test scores, I think you may have a chance.

I got Regents although I didn’t think I would. I’m a homeschool student graduating at the end of junior year, but most of the grades on my transcript are dual enrollment classes. The rest of my grades are from homeschool coursework.


  • 4.0UW GPA (UNM calculates weighted but IDK how)
  • 33 ACT (31 R, 33 M S E) in junior year
  • 1450 rSAT (690EBRW, 760M, ) in freshman year
  • 1980 old SAT (730M, 630V, 620W, 6/12 essay) in 7th grade


  • Civil Air Patrol (many staff positions over 3 years) with 60 hrs of community service
  • Choir (highly involved junior year; semi-involved freshman and sophomore years)
  • Chess (highly involved freshman year, somewhat involved sophomore year, lightly involved junior year)
  • University French Club (2 years of periodic participation)


  • Research with a professor
  • Paid summer research internship
  • Awards in CAP (2 listed)
  • Awards in chess (4 listed)
  • Tutor
  • Got into an All State ensemble (junior year, 1 time only)


  • Prompt 1: 8/10
  • Prompt 2: 7/10
  • Prompt 3: 9/10


  • Addresses the prompt: 10/10
  • Expresses ideas: 7/10
  • Depth in thinking: 8/10
  • Presentation skills: 4/10