Stats Vs. Calculus

<p>Which should I take first semester? I never took stats in high school and I took Ap Calc this year. I am majoring in either chem or bio.</p>

<p>which AP calc did you take. if you took BC, use your credits, if you took AB and want to take the other half, take it as soon as possible i guess so you dont forget everything from AB. stats is a easy class, take it whenever</p>

<p>I took AB. Is it now a no-brainer to take the second half before stat?</p>

<p>yeah, you'll probably want to take Calc II soon.</p>

<p>take calc. college makes you forget things really quickly and math, at least to me, is one of those things that needs to be done via repetition otherwise you lose it.</p>

<p>So.....Calc II, Modern Hebrew, Bio (AP4), Chem (AP5), Writing Sem, Intro to Ice Hockey =]</p>

<p>You think this schedule is going to be relatively difficult to handle?</p>

<p>should be a workable load.</p>