Stay at magnet school or transfer to charter school for sports?

<p>I have a really hard decision to make right now and need the opinion of others. My dream college to attend is Stanford University, but I also want to apply to Northwestern. I now attend a magnet school, Durham School of the Arts, in Durham, NC. My gpa 9th grade wasn't to good, 3.3 weighted. But my 10th grade year I did a little better, 4.0 weighted. I also joined FBLA and am now Vice President for 11th grade. I didnt participate in any sports because they didn't have football. Now I have the chance of transferring to a charter school to play football in a different highschool league. But by leaving to this school I will miss out on taking more rigoruous courses, and the electives at the charter school wouldn't be counted as honors courses as they would at DSA. So now I have one question. With the 2 colleges in mind, which would better my chances of gettign accepted, staying at DSA for FBLA and taking more weighted classes to raise my gpa, or playing football at the charter school while also making all As in less weighted classes?</p>