Stay at West Chester or Transfer to Rowan?

I am currently an out of state sophomore at West Chester from south NJ studying business. I don’t know how I feel about it, but is Rowan a better and more prestigious school than West Chester? I do band at wcu for fun but I know the business program might be better at Rowan. I’ve met some nice people at west chester but no close friends yet. I do not know what I will be doing for housing next year. I know the price is about the same for both, but I want to be where I will have the greatest chance of success in the future. Which is better overall in the rankings? I was accepted to both schools. Should I continue my education at West Chester or transfer to stay in state at Rowan for my junior year and beyond?

Ranking isn’t what is going to get you a job. You need to communicate with the career centers at each university, and find out where students with your major find good internship opportunities and where they find jobs after graduation. You also could ask your major department about this too.