Stay in college?

<p>Ok so I have completed all but one semesters at FSU. Unfortunately, along the way I have gotten into trouble. To be exact I was arrested 5 times. Only 3 of these shows on my record one being a misdemeanor battery adjudication of guilt, trespassing adjudication withheld, and cocaine possession adjudication withheld. </p>

<p>I know its bad. I had a drug and alcohol problem. I left and cleaned up and have not been in trouble.</p>

<p>My only concern is that this stays with me forever. </p>

<p>I do not know if it would be worth going to grad school and showing what im capable of. </p>

<p>I attended FSU on 2 scholarships and on paper does not show who I truly am.</p>

<p>Please let me know your opinion. It would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<li>Depressed College Student</li>

<p>You’re just going to have to prove that you are not who the papers says you are. That means stopping all your foolishness today and finishing college strong. At the end of undergrad, you’ll be applying to grad school. During that time, you’ll make your case and hopefully, they realize that you’ve changed. You may not get into the top grad schools but good schools will undoubtedly accept you if you do amazingly well the rest of the way.</p>

<p>So, are you still at FSU right now? I’m not well-versed in this, but I’d say the first step is to complete your undergrad above all else.</p>

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<p>yea im still at FSU, thanks so much for your replies, I got caught in the wrong scene and I am looking to change my life. Your replies give me a sense of hope, thanks again. </p>

<p>Also, I was thinking about switching colleges? My gpa is now not awesome due to a foolish lifestyle so my thought was going to move home and going to a local college, FGCU to be exact, and get straight A’s to show what I’m really about. I can’t stress how hopeful you have all made me.</p>

<p>Hey, sorry for not responding… The way I see it, is that even if you move colleges, your transcript will carry over, correct? In that case, I’d say just ride out your final semester, finish strong and get that FSU degree. All the best to you, and I’m sure things will work out fine.</p>

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