Stay or go out of state?

<p>Hi. I just wanted to ask this cause I was curious.
If you were to choose Georgia Tech or UC Berkeley, which one would you choose? I know Berkeley is far beyond better, but what if you were in this situation??</p>

<p>Let's say, "you are an Georgia Resident, you received hope scholarship which covers 90+ or 100% of your tuition, so basically everything is free (only provided for Georgia Residents). However, the scholarship only covers schools in Georgia (obviously not private schools like Emory). Also, your parent's income is about $10,000 or below."</p>

<p>Would you still go to out of state schools like UC Berkeley or any other schools? I know there are stuff like student loans. However, would you still go to college free or go to expensive college that's going to give burdens to your family and yourself?</p>

No i didn't apply or make it to either colleges. Lol i don't even know if i will make it if i applied. And I am still a high school student, a junior. I was just curious what would others would do if they were in this position. I just brought this up cause a friend of mine made it to Darthmouth and Duke but his conditions and environments didn't work out.</p>

<p>Sorry if i posted this on the wrong forum, I am a junior member and is still not used to the forum lol .</p>

<p>Stay in-state so as not to give your family financial burdens, unless you can get comparable financial aid OOS. GT is a well-regarded school, particularly in Engineering and the like. What is your intended major if I may ask?</p>

<p>haha. This isn't me but if i was in this situation, I would like to major in computer engineering or management imformations systems.</p>

<p>Georgia Tech hands down.</p>

<p>*Also, your parent's income is about $10,000 or below."</p>

<p>Would you still go to out of state schools like UC Berkeley or any other schools? *</p>

<p>UC Berkeley isn't going to give an OOS student the need based aid to make it it wouldn't work. </p>

<p>At GT, you'd have HOPE that covers tuition, and you could cover room, board and books with Pell, a student loan and maybe some summer earnings.</p>

<p>GT for sure! You will graduate with little or at least affordable debt. And let's not forget, cost of living is very low in ATL as compared with CA.</p>

<p>Between the Hope scholarship and reputation of GT engineering, there is no reason to go elsewhere.</p>

<p>My own son was accepted to Berkeley and decided to attend another school (full tuition merit). It has not held him back.</p>

<p>Hmm interesting answers! Thank you!</p>

<p>I would have chose tech, but i thought everyone would have chose Berkeley instead.</p>

<p>For computer engineering, they are both very good (and since you mentioned Emory, both are better than Emory for that subject).</p>

<p>Given your residency and HOPE scholarship, Georgia Tech will almost certainly be much less expensive. Assuming that is the case, go there. (But note that the HOPE scholarship gives an amount that only covers tuition, not other expenses, including living expenses.)</p>

<p>I'm not a big fan of these imaginary problems, since there are enough real ones here to deal with but mine as accepted to Berkeley and didn't go because:</p>

<p>a) got basically full need based tuition at Brown, so it was cheaper and no loans (to saddle your family with debt when it is totally unnecessary because you have good options is terrible)</p>

<p>b) thought Berkeley was too big, at least for the lower division portion (and people from her small private boarding school don't end up going to the state schools much, just a culture thing? used to intimate involvement with teachers?)</p>

<p>c) wanted the 'away' college experience</p>

<p>Now, if she knew she would have ended up wanting to do computer science, I wonder what she'd say in hindsight. But she loved, loved Brown's CS dept so I don't know. Anyway Brown is where she discovered that major, because she came from the perspective of wanting to be a scientist first.</p>

<p>But like Mom2collegekids says, Berkeley is a bad example because you wouldn't likely get any money from the and you would have to pay OOS tuition to boot.</p>

<p>Stay in-state. Berkeley won't give you any money and if you've never been there before or you don't know what it's like, it might be somewhat of a rough transition. The San Fran area is awesome, but pretty crazy too!</p>

<p>Too late to edit, but I just had to add: friends and family were like 'what's Brown?' and couldn't believe that she didn't go to Berkeley. But they are thinking of ALL of Berkeley, grad school too. I'm sure she'd have liked the grad school.</p>

<p>And now for grad school, they are floored that she is going to UW-Madison and not UCLA. Even through the depts are comparably ranked, that isn't a main consideration for PhD work, Though they have no clue at all, they just think it is bizarre, becasuse UCLA means so much here. Now they are thinking of undergrad.</p>

<p>Haha. "What's Brown?" Thats funny.
Thx for replies everyone!</p>