Staying in state or going OOS (SDSU vs University of Alabama, Texas tech etc)

So i’m a resident in California looking for colleges for next year admission, intended major is computer science. If I were to stay in state I would most likely end up going to SDSU or Cal poly Pomona. I have really thought about the future in these last couple of days and i’m not so sure I wanna stay in California after I graduate, I love the weather and location of socal but it’s just too damn expensive even if you have a good paying job. I have been looking at states like Texas, Tennessee, Colorado, North Carolina, and Arizona and I think that I would like it there too. Now going OOS is obviously more expensive but there are some generous schools like Texas Tech, UT Dallas and University of Alabama that would bring the cost down by a lot. I guess my main question is if I would be better off going to University of Alabama or Texas Tech if I would like to live in for example Texas after graduation? Surely these schools must be much more well known in the south than SDSU and Cal poly Pomona right?

You are correct. In Texas, a Texas Tech degree it’s worth the same as a UC degree. Makes sure you target states that have a growing tech sector/hub nearby.

From what I’ve read Austin is supposed to have a pretty big and growing tech sector as well as Dallas and Houston. Raleigh in North Carolina is supposedly pretty good too. Do you know if University of Alabama is well known in Texas too? Will my school choice have a big impact on in what part of the country I can get a job after I have gained work experience in my field?

Your university career center will help you get your first job. After that, your work experience and professional references will matter much more than the name of your university.

If you can get a partial scholarship, then out of state is fine. If you can’t get one, then the cost is not worth it. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to move out of state after you graduate.

What are your stats? What’s your budget?

OOS sounds like the better option if you are planning on living outside CA after graduation. The tuition may be cheaper at SDSU or Cal Poly Pomona but you also have to factor in how much more expensive food, gas, and off campus housing is. Room and board at SDSU is 16,000 while OOS are much lower (around 10,000-12,000). Plus, I’m from CA too and for some reason OOS schools sound like a way funner college experience than UC/CSUs so the fun you’ll have in college is something to consider too.