Staying in Town: Fresno State

Is there anyone here who is from the Fresno area who stayed at Fresno State instead of going out of town for college? I am reluctant to do so because I would like to move away, but it’s cheaper to stay. Any regrets, pros, cons?

GO. I think it is really healthy to get out of your hometown to really allow yourself to grow as a person. I think going somewhere else would also give you more job/internship opportunities, especially if you don’t plan on living in Fresno in the future. I am a Fresno native attending Fresno State and am considering transferring. If you apply for a Cal grant and awarded it, that will cover your tuition so you would only be responsible for paying for housing in another city, which I think is worth it. Greek life is heavy at Fresno State and a good way to get involved however, if it’s not for you it can make it difficult. If you choose to stay GET INVOLVED WITH SOMETHING. I can not stress that enough. Pros of staying: it is cheaper and you will probably be more comfortable because you are familiar with the area Cons: being comfortable makes it difficult to branch out, your family may require you to spend more time at home since you’re so close, classes may not be as challenging as you want, may end up spending a lot of money on weekends traveling to other cities because you want to get out

I am not sure what you want to study but what about another Cal State a couple/few hours away? SJSU, Sac State, CSU Monterey Bay? Those would enable you to drive home every once in awhile for a weekend but still have an independent life away to learn and grow

@notw245 Would going farther away pose a financial hardship for you and/or your family? How much of a hardship? If major loans are required, there is no shame in attending school near home. I went to college about a half an hour away from where I grew up and it was far enough.