<p>I'm a first year undergraduate undeclared major in engineering and unfortunately I didn't do so well this fall quarter. I passed my math (31B, 4units) (C-) class with the bare minimum as well as my GE psych15 (4units) (C-); however, I didn't pass my chem (20A, 4units) (D) class. I'm pretty sure my gpa falls under the STD category. My planned schedule for winter quarter is as follows: physics 1A (5 units), math 31B (4units retake), chem 20A (4units retake), and math 32A (4units). If I were to pass all classes, I would have 21 units total (including my GE). Can I continue onto spring quarter as a full-time student with complete financial aid eligibility as long as I meet unit/grade requirements by the end of my first year? Please help!</p>

<p>Try using the GPA calculator on MyUCLA</p>