<p>I am thinking of getting a couple of steaks as a 'thank you' gift for a restaurant meal. Does anyone have suggestions? I know I can go to the grocery store, but I wanted to upgrade if possible. (Can you tell we settle for grocery store ourselves ;) )</p>

<p>Lobel's. You didn't put a price limit on responses.</p>

<p>Omaha Steaks -- pricey, but a real treat.</p>

<p>We often give Omaha Steaks as gifts. They often run significant specials, so check out their web</a> site.</p>

<p>Lobels has great steaks. We always ordered from them, until we found Heritage Foods. It's a site with links to small cattle farmers who are trying to save rare breeds and sell to consumers. The beef is farm raised, grass-fed, no hormones. It's delicious. Lobels has that too, but I like supporting this group. You can also get other meats and food.
Heritage</a> Foods USA</p>

<p>I third Lobels, the quality is greatly above Omaha IMO.</p>

<p>Rush keeps advertising Allen Brothers steaks/meats but I've never tried them -
The</a> Great Steakhouse Steaks from Allen Brothers</p>

<p>When we have steak, which isn't that often, we buy thick Filet Mignon steaks from Costco and I BBQ them. They're very good and not terribly pricey.</p>

<p>^^^ we do the same but from BJ's. Packaging isn't pretty but then I never gave it as a gift.</p>

<p>For something different, try Harris Ranch Tri-Tip. For those not familiar, Tri-Tip is a roast sized sirloin. It's grilled with a peppercorn rub. </p>

<p>If you're in California, you might be able to find it at a nice butcher shop, otherwise here is the website: HarrisRanch</a> Inn & Restaurant - Shop, Stay and Dine</p>