Steinhardt's studio art

<p>Anyone with experience with Steinhardt's studio art program??
How do you like it in general? Is it very much practice focused? or is there a good mix of theory and liberal arts in it too?</p>

<p>specifically, how's the foundation? is it very rigorous? do students work in the studio like 24/7?
if you majored in art, would it be difficult to double major something in CAS (due to the workload)? how bout minor</p>

<p>lastly, what's the acceptance rate? They say 60 freshmen and transfer students enter each year, but what;s it out of?</p>


<p>bump!! !</p>

<p>I'm in Studio Art.</p>

<p>The best thing about NYU's art well everthing. It is both heavily practice and theory oriented. I can break it down for you.</p>

<p>Freshman is foundation year where you take intro classes to both sculpture and drawing. The studio classes are about 3 hours long and are pretty intense. The best part about NYU's art program is that there is tremendous freedom in your art making. You can seriously do whatever you want. Most schools give the students assignments or restrict them to certain guidelines like only black/white and so on, but NYU is so unique. They provide excellent foundational practices in both sculpture and drawing in conjunction with the freedom of producing work based on what you want to do.</p>

<p>The professors are like no other. Unlike some art schools where the professors are old/retired artists are has beens, NYU has a thriving faculty, all showing in galleries in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and even throughout the world. It's crazy going to see your professor's show and not only viewing their artwork, but viewing it in a gallery/social environment--it really is unreal. </p>

<p>As far as freshman years go, the curriculum is solid...except for a MAP requirement call Writing the Essay. But other than that it is amazing. A typical freshman schedule is Intro to Sculpture, Intro to Drawing, Art and Contemporary Culture, Writing the Essay (gahh), and a media class of your choice. media classes range from Black and White Photography, Digital Arts, Digital Photography, Video Art, and Color Photo. However things get a lot better as a sophomore and so on. The studio classes get more intense and the availability of studio classes really emerge...for instance printmaking, silk screening, book making, ceramics, glass, jewelry, soft sculpture, and so on. Seriously, there are so many classes that you're bound to find you nook.</p>

<p>The building is charming, the facilities, although a bit messy at times, are spacious and really awesome. The social setting is also conducive to the art making also. Right now there seems to be some serious renovation and stuff going on in the art building. It is open until 2 usually during the week and 12 during the weekend, which does kinda stink since most students like to do all nighters, but you also have dorm rooms to work in also. It's awesome how the art building is separated from campus, but not too far from it and the building is just sweet, I fell in love the first moment I walked in it. </p>

<p>You can take outside classes from the art program. In fact there are requirements such as a math, science, language etc... But you can test out of them if you took the proper AP class and received a 4 or 5 I believe. If you do manage this, the open credits are sweet, as youll be able to do a minor or something within steinhardt or designated minors within other schools. I dont know anything about double majoring sorry.</p>

<p>As for as acceptance goes, it's one of the most competitive programs at NYU from my knowledge. There are artist statements/portfolio images/essays and stuff that definitely set it apart from applying to other schools but its worth it. If you get in, the kudos</p>

<p>NYU art is thus far from me, amazing. You are in NYC...have access to sooooo many resources and the connections you make are unfathomable. Plus it's NYU. Goodluck and I hope you have a great college applying experience!!</p>

<p>sounds like u really love it! cool thank you for a lotta info.
so freshmen in general, would be taking 6 classes? -> Intro to Sculpture, Intro to Drawing, Art and Contemporary Culture, Writing the Essay (gahh), and a media class of your choice, and one outside art program?</p>

<p>freshman year is 5 classes. Fundamentals of Sculpture + Drawing, Writing the Essay, Art and Contemporary Culture, and a media class.</p>

<p>As far as competitiveness goes, someone in the office told me they reviewed around 400 portfolios last year.</p>

<p>wow.... that's very competitive</p>

<p>As a freshman going into this program, I can vouch that they review about 400 applicants. Of the 400 who applied with me, 70 (I think) of us were accepted. We are considered the biggest class they've had in a very long time.</p>