STEM Info?

<p>Anybody hear back from STEM attendees? Was it fun? What sorts of projects di dyou do? Did you enjoy it?</p>

<p>Bill - my son gets back tomorrow from session 2 (rising sophomores). If you have any specific questions, feel free to let me know and I can ask him! I'll try to post a general summary when I get a better chance to talk to him after that - so far the few texts I've gotten from him have been more concerned with seeing his GF when he gets home than anything informative! I've just gotten the bare basics - we went to the Air & Space museum, played soccer, had classes. Which I'm sure you could read in the description online! But I'll drag it out of him when he gets home. May not get a chance soon though - son #2 came home late last night from NASS (he LOVED it incidentally) and son #1 leaves Wednesday for USAFA so it's a bit hectic around here!</p>

<p>I'm inclined to think STEM is not nearly as exciting as Summer Seminar, but for our rising junior who is going next week, it will have to do.
Just curious as to how the classes were and what the evening activities were like.</p>

<p>Bill - I sent you a PM.</p>