STEM Major @ Claremont McKenna College

took a campus tour today, wasnt bad–however, am concerned about the resources & opportunities for pure STEM majors (im interested in neuroscience). the tour guides/AO kept talking about its focus on not-STEM, and when i talked to the AO, she said that w STEM majors, students would have a more interdisciplinary focus on the STEM subject, like incorporating policy and stuff like that. that’s great, but that worries me a bit about the level of opportunities and resources they have purely for STEM things. additionally the keck thing combined w other schools, its like they dont have enough resources or something so they dont wanna focus purely on STEM but have to incorporate some social science stuff they’re known for.

like would i be better off at a large research uni? but that would be a lot of competition

this was super poorly written, idk how to put my thoughts into words, but if somebody could get the gist of my worries and address them thatd be great thanks!!

I understand what you’re saying. CMC is like Pitzer and Scripps in that none of them have their own STEM faculty. Theoretically, that shouldn’t matter in a consortium, especially one that consists of 5 colleges a block away from each other. But, it means looking at the course catalog very carefully and figuring out what is eligible for for you to take at Pomona. and Harvey Mudd as well as Keck.

When the AO and tour guide are telling you the focus is not STEM, perhaps you should listen. The school is known for govt/politics & economics. If you want STEM, I dont think CMC is the way to go.