Stephens College Forum!!!!! WOOO!!!

<p>Hey everyone!!!! i'm a current student at Stephens!!!! if anyone has any questions regarding the college, or life on campus, or anything please let me know!!!!!!! reply here or message me!!!!!</p>


<p>Clearly you are happy to be where you are. What was your close second choice?</p>

<p>well, actually i only had back up colleges.. Stephens was where i wanted to go. In country anyways.. i really wanted to go to Guildhall School of music and Drama in London, but didn't have the money to just give them.. Stephens was the only real college i wanted to go to ... </p>

<p>but an answer to your question, my back up schools were all in Colorado. University of Northern Colorado, Adams State College</p>

<p>Do you go to school?</p>

<p>i just got accepted, but have never visited. can you tell me anything about social life if you live on campus, or anything about the theater dept? i want to be a theater major. :)</p>

<p>Hey!!! i've been getting great responses and private Messages!!!! Everyone sounds so amazing!!! If anyone else has a question,comment, concern about Stephens PLEASE let me know so i can help!!!</p>