Steps to become a CPA

<p>Hi, I am a 2009 UCLA sociology grad with 3.7 GPA.
After riding rollercoster of deciding what to do for my future (Took the LSAT, and was thinking about becoming a PHD in psychology) I have come to conclusion that I am going to become a CPA. The reason is simple. Even though the field is also very down like other fields, it still is better than other fileds such as LAW and psychology.
Having said that I didnt major accounting. I only took accounting 1 and 2 in my freshman year. So, at this point I am debating which option I should take.
SOmeone told me I have two options.
1. Go to graduate school and major in accounting which will take me 2-3 years?
2. Take accredited acconting and business related courses at UCLA extension or other community colleges to meet the minimun requirements to take the exam. </p>

<p>Now, second option sounds like a good idea because it will definitely save some times. But the first option sounds better if you're thinking about getting a better job? I mean if you're a boss would you rather hire a person who actually majored in accountng in master's or a guy who met minmum requirements to take the exam? I would definitely take the first option.
Now, my question is if I were to get into master's in accounting, is there any standardized test I should take to get into graduate accounting program? such as GRE, GMAT or something?
My second question is do you think I have a chance to get SCHOLARSHIP for master's in accounting? Do they even OFFER scholarship for accounting master's program? I mean if I do not get the scholarships it's gonna be really hard for me to go because of financial situation i have.
THank you all for your input.</p>