Steps to Correct Wrong SSN# in University File

<p>Hello all,</p>

<p>I recently requested a copy of my college transcripts and realized that my social security number has typo errors and is not my actual number. I never noticed this since I never have applied for Financial Aid and the university has not brought this to my attention. How can I fix this? is it as easy as calling the admin office?</p>

<p>Calling the admin office is a good place to start</p>

<p>It would probably just be easier to call the Social Security Administration and request they change your SSN to match what your college has.</p>

<p>For real advice I’d recommend if you have any student loans to get your free credit reports from (that’s the real one that doesn’t actually charge you or make you sign up for services) to make sure all of your loans show up properly. I know my girlfriend had some issues loans from her various sisters showing up on her report, and that can really screw you when you’re applying for apartments, getting a car loan, etc after college.</p>

<p>^ That’s advice I’d give to anyone, really. I didn’t have issues with my SSN but some of my student loans got reported twice, so my overall debt load looked much higher than it really was.</p>

<p>Yeah, same thing actually happened to me. Be sure to get all three of your credit reports and have either a printer ready or a .pdf printer installed on your PC. That way you can capture them for later in case something pops up randomly next year.</p>