stern chance... please:)

<p>Hello people... i just want to prepare myself for the decision...</p>

<p>here are my stats and others...
(even though i live in california, since i don't have citizneship(visa) I count as international applicant... if that affects my chance...)</p>

<p>GPA : 3.98 UW, 4.5 W
SAT I: R630, M780, W660 (2070)
SAT II: M2C 770, BIO 730, KOR 800
TOEFL: 108</p>

1. English 1 A/A
2. Algebra 2 H A/B
3. Biology H A/A
4. Health A
5. Media Assistant A
6. PE A/A
7. Japanese 1 A/A
8. Choir A/A</p>

1. English 2 A/A
2. Trig H/Pre-calc H A/A
3. Chemistry H A/A
4. PE A/A
5. Japanese 2 A/A
6. Choir A/A
7. Media Assistant A
8. Science Research A</p>

1. English 3 A/A
2. Calculus BC AP A/A
3. Biology AP A/A
4. Psychology A/A
5. Japanese 3H A/A
6. Choir A/A
7. Science Research A/A</p>

1. English 4
2. Multi-variable Calculus
3. Physics C AP
4. Japanese 4
5. Choir
6. Economics AP / Government
7. Statistics AP</p>

<p>Volunteer: local hospital 1 and 1/2 years, local retirement housing 3yrs, Key club 1 yr, Drama therapy camp for autistic children summer (total 260+)</p>

<p>Leadership: founder and president of school UNICEF club, president of korean students association, secretary of japanese honor society</p>

1. played golf (private lesson) for 4 yrs
2. flute (private lesson) for about 10 yrs
3. local science fair
4. CSF for all 4 yrs
5. AP scholar
6. Japanese National Honor Society
7. Tri-M (Music Honoro Society)
8. Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society)
9. JSA memeber
10. Key club member
11. Summer camp at Northwestern University (CTD)</p>

<p>REC's good...
essay pretty good...</p>

<p>I know my sat 1 score and extracurricular activities are weak... but please chance me...</p>

<p>kinda low SATs....i'd say your chances of getting in are directly linked to how well you convince the adcoms through your essays that they have to have you on campus</p>

<p>your test scores are low... I'd say you have a slight chance of getting in.</p>

<p>His SAT score isn't hurting his chance that bad, but being an international student desiring for aid is hurting his chance.</p>

<p>i dont think hez international.....he may be a citizen of another country but he might still have a greencard...he doesnt mention hez applying for financial aid...besides, NYU doesnt even offer aid to internationals</p>

<p>i have citizenship of south korea, and i'm in states with visa (E-2)
and i'm not desiring an aid...</p>

<p>still.... extremely hard.....? please be honest and realistic haha lol u can say its hard for me to get in... i just want to prepare... :)</p>

<p>dude, i just got accpted to Stern, im international living in Houston so elated w000000000t</p>

<p>Your GPA might compensate for your low SAT... just wait two more weeks and you'll find out</p>

<p>according to international kids I know, it's easier for international kids to get into stern. so you have a decent chance despite your scores and extracurrics</p>

<p>quag_mire post ur stats here if u dont mind!!: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>congratulations quag_mire!!!! </p>

<p>oh well..... i wish i can get in...........</p>

<p>thanks...i just got the invitation letter in the mail....i think who ever has been accepted should receive an invitation sometime this week...apparantly NYU has been mailing them to all acceptees</p>

<p>anbody else....? sigh...</p>

<p>i'm just wonderign what my chances are
3.6 UW
4.4 W</p>

<p>2200 SAT
770 m
730 w
700 w</p>

<p>780 Math sat ii
780 Chem sat ii</p>

<p>ap national scholar</p>

<p>Editor in chieef of newspaper, president of class two years, AMC 12 Winner, AIME Qualifier</p>

<p>3 internships - one in a hospital in India, one at University of Maryland Baltimore center for Vascular Diseases, one at National Institute of Standards and Technology. </p>


<p>qkrdusdn i think you have a good chance and I'm pretty sure that stern didn't send out all the decisions yet....wait til april 1st... you have a good chance :)
I would say your reading is a bit low but i got into stern last week with a 670 on math.</p>

<p>gibertarenas with a 2200 you are def getting into stern if you haven't already</p>

<p>yeah, i'm currently at a long Island High school that has pretty good reputation with NYU. As of now, I have a 3.7 GPA, SAT 1's---Math-660, CR-610, Writing-720. SAT II's, Math 1- 660, Math 2, 680. My standardized test scores are very bad (i think) but i'm very very active in my high school. I'm the president of medical explorers and jazz band. I'm also in clubs such as world affairs, Tri M music honor society, French Club, and the Future Business Leaders of America Vice President. Also, I'm a 4 year varsity member in Wrestling and Lacrosse, I'm a 2 time all county wrestler, and an all county saxophone player. Would my extra curriculars compensate for my crappy SAT scores. Please get back soon.</p>

<p>I haven't heard anything yet - not even gotten an invitatino to an event so I guess I'll keep waiting. Thanks anyway</p>