Stern (NYU) vs Kelley (IU) vs Marshall (USC)

I want to be an investment banker and I can’t decide which school is the gives me the best fit and opportunities. I want to go to a school that has school spirit and a traditional campus were I can make a lot of friends/networking. I know that NYU doesn’t have that but it’s one of the best biz schools and I can play basketball there which makes up for it. The only problem with NYU is that is doesn’t have a campus and makes it harder to make friends at the school. If I go to IU it seems fun but there might be too much partying and some of the kids are not as focused as Kelley students. Also I want to work at a top firm so it might be harder. USC seems amazing but I don’t want to work in the west coast. I want to work in NYC but most internships and jobs are on the west. Also I’m very motivated and plan to do my very best at either of theses school so which one will give me the best fit and opportunity for IB banks?