Stern RD Chances?

<p>Since nobody gives me any relevant answers in the "What are My Chances?" forum...</p>

<p>Canadian Male, applying in year 2 of CEGEP (pre-university, post-high school system exclusive to Quebec).
GPA: Nice upward trend, currently cumulative at 89% UW, and will probably be even higher by the RD round.
Course load: 5/6 honours this semester, 11/14 honours last year.
Class rank: 9 out of 76 in small honours program within large public, top 6% overall in school.
SAT I: 800 CR/760M/710W
SAT II: Range of about 730-770 on Math IIC, 720-760 on Literature. </p>

<p>ECs: Newspaper Editor and writer (4 yrs.), Lit. Journal Editor (3 yrs.), Battle of Bands Organizer (2 yrs.), Intercity Hockey Asst. Coach (2 yrs.), bass and guitar (5 yrs), Quiz Team (2 yrs.)</p>

<p>Awards: Public Speaking Finalist, English Valedictorian nominee.</p>

<p>Recs are superb, essays are pretty darned good (according to friends, teachers and GC).</p>

<p>SAT's are great, I don't know what that special school you go to is, but it sounds good, I asy you will get in, good luck.</p>