Stern Scholar and Money Scholarships

<p>Hey guys,
Congrats on every accepted in to Stern at this point. I was just wondering from you all if you guys have received word on whether you guys will be accepted into the Scholars program and whether or not you guys got information on how much money you will be receiving from NYU. Thanks so much!</p>

<p>Stern doesn't have schloars program anymore</p>

<p>Expanding on what clubbiscuit said, they're getting rid of Scholars. My class, the Class of 2011, is the last group with Scholars, and our program ends early (at the end of junior year, rather than senior year). Also, there haven't been merit scholarships from Scholars for years now... those were taken away two or three years ago.</p>

<p>Dean Blount-Lyon wants to use the money from the program for financial aid.</p>