Stern vs. UIUC vs. Olin

<p>With less than a week to decide, I'm having difficulty making a choice between these three great schools. I am interested in pursuing a major in finance but also have an interest in entertainment business and film production. At the University of Illinois I was accepted to the Business Honors Program which includes the top 30-40 students in the business class and provides many opportunities unique to the program including international experiences. UIUC also costs around $13000 less for me than NYU or Wash U. At NYU, I was also accepted to the Stern Scholars programs. I love New York and am also interested in their Entertainment Media and Technology (EMT) program. They aslo have a top rated film and art school whre I could take classes relating to my interest in entertainment business. At Wash U, I am excited about the prospect of being able to easily obtain multiple degrees. I know this is a decision I have to make for my self and will continue to research before making my final decision. Even so, any input from forum memeber would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>Please anyone. Any comments from people about these three schools? Any alums or current students willing to shed some light?</p>