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<p>Does anyone know about the scholars program at Stevens Institute of Technology? Stevens has a reputation for hard work - I was wondering how much more intense the scholars program is, and whether it really provides additional benefits for the added rigor. Thanks!</p>

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<p>I think I already replied to another of your posts, but I’d like to give you a little more information about the Scholar’s Program.</p>

<p>There are only a few requirements to be in the program. You have to take 3 Research Seminars (I, II, and IV – there’s no III). I and II are pretty much lab tours and presentations by different departments. IV is a semester of research completed whenever you want. All those classes are Pass / Fail. You’re also required to take 2 honors classes. You can take advanced Math or Computer classes or they offer Honors Seminars in various subjects. I did two of these seminars. They are also Pass / Fail with a minimal amount of work, so it was really no extra burden. You also need to maintain a certain GPA to stay a part of the program.</p>

<p>With the program, you are guaranteed to be able to do summer research every summer. With the summer research you can find a professor on your own or the advisor will help you find a project. The research is 10 weeks long and you get free housing on campus and a $3500 stipend. If you are doing a summer research project it’s easy to take a few weeks off from that to do a short 4-week study abroad. They are also currently forging relationships with international universities and now there are several research abroad opportunities.</p>

<p>A different option is completing some sort of dual degree. You could choose a double major or a combined bachelor’s and master’s (I probably recommend the second one). If you declare a dual degree, you are allowed to take four free classes every summer under the Scholar’s program. Housing is not paid for, but it’s still quite a good deal. I actually managed to do research and a dual degree and co-ops, and a number of other students I know have done the same.</p>

<p>I have not found the Scholar’s Program to be much more rigorous than my coursework would be without it. And taking into consideration the amazing benefits you can gain from it if you take advantage, it is more than worth the 5 extra seminars.</p>

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<p>I’m currently an undergraduate at Stevens and I agree with allydillo… I absolutely love it here! There are so many opportunities on campus and Hoboken itself is awesome. I love the proximity to New York City (15 minute path train ride) as well as accessibility to other parts of New Jersey (via the path train, light-rail, or NJ Transit). I love how the campus is tucked away on the Hudson but we manage to have a college-campus-meets-the-city feel. </p>

<p>What’s really unique about Stevens is our engineering degree, which is a Bachelors of Engineering rather than a Bachelors of Science. This basically says that when you graduate, if your degree is in mechanical engineering, you still have a strong background in civil, electrical, computer, and other types of engineering. Less than 10 schools offer this degree and it gives students advantages when they apply for jobs. How do we guarantee this background? Part of the Stevens curriculum is called the Design Spine, in which every semester, all engineers take a design course that concentrates on a different major. For example, design 1 is taken first semester freshman year and all first semester freshmen engineering students have to design, program, and build a robot. Whereas in design 3, taken first semester sophomore year, students analyze beams and loading members, very different from their first design class. Each design class focuses has a different concentration and students are paired up in groups with about 2-4 students, typically of all different majors.</p>

<p>Hello. I’m currently a senior at Stevens and my sister is in the program. Here’s what she has to say about it…</p>

<p>DO IT! The Scholars Program gives you the opportunity to do things the regular Stevens student can’t (or is very hard to do). Like the above posts say, you can pursue research over the summer (paid and free housing) or a dual degree (Master’s or double major - with no cost to take classes over the summer).</p>

<p>All that being said, you can still do other activities on campus. Being in the Scholars Program would not hinder you from doing anything. My sister was involved in athletics, greek life, internships, and other extra-curricular activities outside of the program. It all comes down to time management.</p>

<p>If someone is a match for Georgia Tech, Carnegie Mellon, Lehigh, etc., why should they consider Stevens? Sell me.</p>

<p>Thanks to all for the responses. One more question for Stevens students - have you had any experience cross-registering for NYU courses?</p>