Stevenson University vs. Towson

<p>Any thoughts about Stevenson University in Baltimore? How does it compare to Towson? Thanks so much.</p>

<p>I don't know too much about Stevenson but lots of kids from our area (Northeast) go to Towson and all are very happy there. I know this isn't much but just thought I'd mention it. Best of luck!</p>

<p>Very different schools, close in proximity and that's about it.
Towson is a large public college and Stevenson is a mid-size private college.</p>

<p>What exactly are you looking for? Major? environment? Living conditions?</p>

<p>I believe that Towson is better known and has a better reputation. Stevenson just changed its name from Vila Julie last year or the year before - I don't think many have heard of it in Maryland, let alone outside of Maryland. I know a number of students who have attended Towson - generally good reviews. Stevenson seems more like a last resort - I really don't know any student who has gone there and remained for 4 years.</p>

<p>From what I hear, a number of kids who get rejected from Stevenson apparently end up at Towson. Since they do graduate students some do remain for 4 years.</p>

<p>Stevenson is an "up and coming" university. One of two in the North to win that distinction. Tier 1 for North Bacc. Colleges though I expect they will soon move to the Master's Classification and would compete with Towson there.
Stevenson is very well known in the Baltimore area but there merit scholarships are attracting more kids from PA.<br>
To me, they compare with York College. Towson is much much larger and offers many more programs. There are some programs that Stevenson does really well, including Nursing and their Chemistry/Forensic Science program is a big draw. Apparently their business school graduates are well supported in the Baltimore business community.
Stevenson was formerlly a commuter school and began dorm construction about 5 years ago. Hence they have brand new dorms that are either apartments or suites. They just opened another dorm this year. They compete D-III and their Lax team is ranked #1 Nationally and they made it to the finals last year. They will begin fielding a D-III Football team this fall (to go Varsity in 2011) to increase male enrollment and visibility.
The biggest downside is they have a split campus. The original campus is beautiful and in Greenspring - MD horse country. The dorms, some offices, business school and athletic fields are at the Ravens old training site in Owings Mills. There is a shuttle and the kids have to get used to going back and forth.
Stevenson is very much a suitcase school but so is Towson.</p>

<p>Like I said - they are very different schools.</p>

<p>Stevenson also has some majors that can't be found in other Maryland schools. You might want to check out their offerings.</p>

<p>Stevenson is the old Villa Julie.</p>

Stevenson is the old Villa Julie.


<p>Aha. I've been in higher ed administration for 32 years and I'd never heard of Stevenson.</p>

<p>Towson is attracting more and more out of state students and is not as much of a suitcase school as it once was. The reputation is hard to shake but I think the should not keep someone from considering it. Towson offers more of a real college/campus experience and is improving steadily.</p>

<p>Stevenson has a split campus, so (at least some of) the dorms are not where the classroom buildings are. I don't know if there are some dorms on the main campus. Stevenson and Towson both have teacher education and A LOT of our county teachers are graduates. Towson also has a pretty good reputation for speech pathology.</p>

<p>D1 and I visited both schools. She is looking at nursing. Stevenson, which used to be Villa Julie, used to also be a Catholic, all girls, 2-year school. We were both impressed by how new and beautiful most of the campus facilities are considering the reasonable tuition. The main campus is quite lovely, with a view of a nearby small mountain. The other campus, which includes all the dorms, is off a strip that has Home Depot, Target, etc. nearby. The dorms all look new and beautiful and there's a new gym under construction.</p>

<p>Still, the split campus was a deal breaker for D. There's a shuttle, but she wouldn't want to wait for/sit on the shuttle every day, and you can't really bike between the two campuses because the roads aren't safe for that. </p>

<p>Towson was all in one place, but doesn't guarantee you housing after your first 4 semesters and is very much a suitcase school. It attracts students from a larger area but that can be a drawback too as you more often see students in the uniform of Ugg boots, Northface jackets and fake tans. The nursing program is difficult to stay in and doesn't have the best NCLEX pass rate so D probably won't be going there either. </p>

<p>Both are in the Baltimore consortium.</p>

<p>Actually Villa Julie hasn't been a Catholic all girls school since the 60's when it was a two year college. Hence the name change.
The split campus is rough. The kids do get used to it - but for many it is an issue.
There is a closed mental hospital behind the main campus (Rosewood? - or something like that). I heard the college is buying/will buy it for expansion. There was just no way they could expand on the main campus anywhere for dorms because of zoning restrictions. So they bought the old Baltimore Ravens training camp and got their athletic facility and really nice locker rooms.</p>

<p>At Stevenson, the kids who live on campus generally live there for 4 years (unless they get kicked off). The vast majority of commuters live at home with the 'rents or are adult students.</p>

<p>I know this is an old thread, but perhaps it will be of use to anyone who is searching "Stevenson vs. Towson". </p>

<p>Second, I go to Stevenson, so I will try to keep my bias to a mininum. </p>

<p>JustAMomOf4: The Rosewood deal has yet to go through and might not for some time from now. The site has a good deal of contamination that needs to be cleaned up beforehand. But, Stevenson did purchase a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant (Shire Pharmaceutical) that is located around the corner from the Owings Mills campus. This new site will house the School of Sciences and School of Design (both currently located on the old/original Greenspring campus). This new location is going to open for the 2013-2014 academic year and I am not sure what Stevenson has planned for the Greenspring campus.</p>

<p>Anyways, the two main differences between the universities are that Stevenson is private and small (just over 3,000 undergrads and grad) and Towson is public and larger (just under 18,000 undergrads). Stevenson is also more generous with aid and scholarships than Towson. Even though Towson is around $8K a year for residents ($17K for non-residents), Stevenson ends up being cheaper for many students (because of the aid, which is given-no need to apply for it). </p>

<p>Stevenson is also a heck-of-a-lot safer than Towson.</p>

<p>Other differences: Nursing and Early Childhood Education are the top majors at Towson. Nursing is not as big at Stevenson as it was when Stevenson was known as Villa Julie, but it is still prominent. Business is the main major at Stevenson with Biology a close second. The Forensic Science program at Stevenson is really good, but I have yet to meet a student who participated in that program. </p>

<p>Towson is more-or-less a typical public university. Students have some access and oppurtunity for undergrad research and/or internships. But for the most part students are on their own. These things, however, are mandatory at Stevenson, at least for science, nursing, and math majors. All seniors are required to either do 180 hours (5 credits) or 320 hours (9 credits) of internship or research under an advisor/mentor for their senior capstones. The main difference between the two credit-wise is that if a student takes the 9 credit option then it will count towards both the capstone and one upper-level major-centric elective. At the end of the capstone, students are also required to participate in a poster/presentation focusing on the particular project/research the participated in. </p>

<p>Stevenson is also really good at helping students find a job post graduation; the school has many, many connections, and their Career Services office is excellent. My major is Biology, and I know that all science, math, and nursing majors are required to participate in a "science" seminar either during their freshman year or the first semester they transfer in. The seminar goes over the usual "this is college, blah, blah" type of stuff, but it focuses heavily on one thing: your student portfolio. Your student portfolio is a place to list all of your extracurricular activities, skills, courses taken, volunteer work, future career/educational goals, employment, resume, and anything else that may be relevant. The whole point of this is to have a folder full of current information at your fingertips so that when you apply for a job or grad/professional school you won't forget anything. Your resume has to go through Career Services, who I guaranty will tear it apart no matter how good you think it is. They will make 100x better. </p>

<p>What else.....</p>

<p>It seems that for many Towson students Towson was not their first choice, yet many seem to like it once they are in. Stevenson is more of a top choice for students, and, they also seem to like it once in. Towson has more of a stereotypical college atmosphere while Stevenson is more low key. Tailgating is allowed at Stevenson, so is drinking in the dorms as long as you are of age of course. Drugs are not tolerated at Stevenson.</p>

<p>As for the shuttle service at is not that bad. The shuttles are supposed to leave each campus every half hour but in reality each shuttle leaves as soon as it is full, which can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. The longest I have ever waited on a shuttle was 15 minutes tops.</p>

<p>Oh, Towson is predominately comprised of students from Maryland. Stevenson has a larger percentage of out-of-state students. Towson is also largely female (I believe 60%) and the student body is predominately white. Stevenson is more evenly matched between black/white students, males and females (although slightly more females), and students who are GLBT, Muslim, older (non-traditional), poor, rich, commuter, resident, etc. are accepted (or, if anyone has a problem they keep it to themselves). I do not want to suggest that Towson is intolerant, but just saying the student body is more homogenous.</p>