Stevenson University

<p>My child was offered an attractive scholarship "out of the blue" by Stevenson after being named a semi-finalist for a state academic scholarship (much less money offered by the state). We'd never heard of Stevenson before this. </p>

<p>Anyone have experience with the school? I gather they recently changed their name and so I wonder if they're trying to re-invent themselves. Are they investing in good professors as well as good students?</p>


<p>I visited Stevenson recently. It's a split campus, connected by shuttles. I only saw the Greenspring campus. Their buildings are all shiny and new (dorms built about 5 years ago); they have nice athletic facilities. They just got a football team, and the Open House presentation was too focused on sports for my tastes.</p>

<p>I went to a presentation on the Information Science dept. The presenter had an interesting hook - the development of technology over the past 30 years. He brought in an old bagphone, 5.5 inch floppy, etc. They don't offer a computer science degree, and the IS degrees seemed kinda lackluster. What is Child looking to major in?</p>