Sticker Shock-Airline Luggage Fees!!

<p>Son is flying back to college on Spirit Airlines tonight. The "discounted" luggage fee (since he did it on-line):</p>

<p>1st Bag- $33.00 Suitcase
2nd Bag-$40.00 Tennis Racquet Bag
Carry On $30.00 Electric Guitar that will no doubt get damaged if checked
Seat Fee $10.00 The charge to pre-select his seat, and it would have been $10.00 more for his connecting flight which is only an hour so we opted not to pay </p>


<p>My word of advise, before you think a fare looks good look at the additional charges, he had previously flown on American, Frontier and Southwest to get back to school and we never were charged like this...OUCH! Now I know what was fare was so good, boy am I an idiot!</p>

<p>Spirit Air is notorious for these add-on fees. They lure you in on "low airfare" and get ya with the add-ons. I have also been told they are not the best at getting your luggage and you to the destination at the same time. Hope your child's luggage gets there in a timely fashion.</p>

<p>next time, let him fly Spirit and send the stuff Fed Ex yourself $$ and aggravation</p>

<p>Next time, fly Southwest, which is apparently an option. No hidden fees, two free bags, free carryon. Great service.</p>

<p>rodney-Most of his stuff is going ground, this was the stuff he needed to take with him. He is not moving in to his apartment until 9/1 and visiting different groups of friends before school so we had no option this time. All my stupidity in not checking the "real" cost to fly!</p>

<p>chedva: if only SW flew everywhere from all airports.......</p>

<p>Have you looked at the hike in some flights today? I bought my son's Thanksgiving tickets home the other day, figuring that when taxes were being collected again, they would be added to the prices rather than prices being lowered to the figures that they were prior to the tax situation. Just as I thought, this morning I saw a $32 jump in airfare for the major airlines that fly the route he needs.</p>

<p>^^there's def something screwy going on with airfares today; </p>

<p>we are already booked for Txsgiving and Fall break but I was checking out the flights to come home at end of semester and they are over $2000 (really? from NC to New Jersey on a 35 seat plane? really?)</p>

<p>This was in yesterday's Seattle paper:
Travel</a> Wise | Buy too early, pay too much for airfare | Seattle Times Newspaper</p>

<p>I've been trying to wait until about a month before, even though everything I was taught screams against it.</p>

<p>Am actually glad to see that some airlines are starting to charge for carryons. I wish they would all do it and maybe it would discourage some people from the ridiculous amount they bring onto the plane.</p>

<p>dizzycat, my son's friend did wait and he ended up missing the first day of classes after a break last year and he had to fly out of an airport further from home. Everything was sold out. That is when I decided to try to avoid trying it.</p>

<p>The airfare we are looking at is currently about $155 more than it was last year RT, so it is pretty high. Also, all of the major airlines that fly this route are charging exactly the same amount, or are $1 apart.</p>

<p>Rodney, $2000!?!?! That is insane!!</p>

<p>If you book on JetBlue in advance, watch the fare, and if it goes down, call up and they will give you a credit for the difference. You can use the credit next time. I don't know if other airlines will do this also.</p>

I don't usually manage to hold out that long either.</p>

<p>LurkNess--I think both Alaska and Southwest also haven't been charging change fees (though I wouldn't be surprised if they started). But for SW, the last time I tried to get the lower fare, I ended up spending a good half hour on the phone because trying to do it online wasn't working. The rep finally ended up calling me back because even he was having trouble with it.</p>

<p>A caveat on Southwest. We flew from Reno though Denver and home last week. Rainstorm right before we left the gate in Denver, and we were delayed on the ground for an hour and a half. While our luggage sat, uncovered, next to the plane in the driving rain. It was soaked all the way through (every item in it) when we got it at our end destination (at midnight).</p>

<p>This is the first bad experience we have had with SW, though, so we will fly them again. But it was not a good experience.</p>

<p>Alaska does not charge a fee for their MVP GOLD members (40K plus actual miles per year), everyone else gets charged a $75 fee for making one itinerary change.</p>

<p>Reading the posts and decided I would check the flights for Winter break, LAX-Philly-LAX... it looks like it is much cheaper than last year about $500 when we paid close to $700 last year!</p>

<p>Hey Sockhermom, PM me. </p>

<p>Advantage to SW: you can purchase one way trips and not get hosed. No baggage fees. You can reschedule/cancel/no show and get credit (if you pay dollars: credit to the flyer ONLY. If you pay points, those revert back to the points owner). If prices drop, you can get a refund/credit for the difference (I just did that yesterday, got back $72 PHL-LAX, did it online). The 'reschedule' part is good for college freshmen who don't know their schedules yet. Be aware that you have to pay the difference if they book a flight that is more $. </p>

<p>Disadvantage: SW is NOT cheaper than other airlines. 24 boarding check in and not being able to choose your seats is a PITA. Early boarding check in ($10) is a gamble. SW offers NO entertainment, and they are rolling out their wi-fi fleet slooooowwwwwllly.</p>

<p>Why is early boarding a gamble on SW? Last year when I put D15 on a SW flight (her first flight alone), she ended up without a boarding pass for her second leg because the system wouldn't let us check her in online. I didn't know how SW worked, so that was very stressful. A kind gate agent at her transfer point got her on the flight somehow. From then on we have paid the $10, and always end up in the A group (I was 2nd/3rd to board in the A group for both legs of the flight we just took). I might not get my very favorite seat, but I KNOW I will be to board, and likely get at least the type of seat I prefer, even if it isn't always near the front.</p>

<p>One advantage of going to school across the country is that I can fly enough (25,000 flown miles per year) to earn elite status. I'm elite on Alaska and can check two 50 pound bags for free when flying Alaska. When flying Delta, I can check two 70 pound bags for free when flying in economy and can check another 70 pound bag for free if my first class upgrade clears. Combine this with priority phone lines, check in, security, boarding, and seating, and flying is much less stressful.</p>

<p>One thing to remember about flying Southwest is that they will not endorse your ticket over to another airline should your flight be delayed or cancelled due to an airline-caused delay.</p>