Sticky situation, can someone offer some info?

<p>I have a detailed story, but too scared to put too much info on here!
So I will try to keep it simple....</p>

<p>Someone got an Associate's Degree WITHOUT including a transcript from a previous college that they did horrible in for 2 semesters. If they transfer to another community college (to increase gpa) - and now include those "bad" transcripts - will the Advisor look at that and say WHOA why are they not on your recent transcript? And start making calls? </p>

<p>I asked a colorado community college academic advisor about it (the student does not live in colorado but is thinking of attending there)... and she said that community colleges in colorado do not require ALL transcripts be sent - only ones you want evaluated. I thought this was odd. So I called a community college here in my state, the academic advisor said absolutely not... that it is federal law to transfer everything to every college attended. She said to call the colorado cc and ask for a records person instead. So I called the colorado cc back, got a records person, and she said the same thing about not needing them all! She said it is very common that people do not want to include an entire school in their coursework, so they simply don't include the school or transcripts. WTH!!?? Can someone please tell me the CORRECT rule?</p>

<p>OK now, if the correct rule is that ALL have to be transferred - I have a few questions.</p>

<li> If the student chooses to go to a local community college, that DOES require all transcripts - they will then have to be evaluated. Now, the most recent transcript - the Associates Degree - will not have the "bad" transcripts on there as transferred. Yet, will they look at the other hand and see that the classes were taken before, and figure out that she didn't transfer them? Are they that picky? Will they call the old school and get all crazy about it? </li>
<li>Is there a way around this? Can she just go to enough schools that it gets lost in the shuffle and can be transferred to a 4 year eventually?</li>

<p>Please do not lecture. I'm well aware that this student didn't do the CORRECT thing with her transcripts - but I'm trying to help figure out what her next step is and how to move on without screwing her whole life up over it. </p>

<p>thanks in advance</p>

<p>I'm not an admissions officer, but I'd explain everything! "When I got my Associate's degree, I was under the impression that if I started over I didn't need to show my bad transcripts. Now I realize that they are important. As you see, I didn't do well - this is why I didn't include them before. But as you can see from the transcripts leading to my AS, I've gotten my act together and am now an organized and committed student." </p>

<p>I think a simple statement like that would be fine - no need to babble about it, unless you want to use the "got my life together" story as part of an essay. Yes, there is the possibility (although I believe it slim) that an admissions officer would throw out your application for a mistake you made over 2 years ago that could reasonably be attributed to ignorance. But if the crime is that awful (which I doubt), it would be better to get it over and dealt with sooner rather than having it hanging over your head all your life.</p>

<p>You can also email a school of interest, anonymously with a new email address, with the situation and ask what they recommend.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>thank you so much for understanding what I was asking!!!!</p>

<p>can i ask your opinion on one other thing though.....
the community college (NOT A 4 YEAR), that will be started next spring to bring up GPA, is it a real possibility that the admissions officer will look at the AA degree transcript - go over it with a fine tooth comb, and realize it did not have all of them - then call the school and report it to them?<br>
i know you can't know but just your opinion would help!</p>