Sticky Situation here...advice needed.

<p>Okay so I'm going to be a junior next year and my top college choices are UCLA and Berkeley. I am from nevada and my family plans to move to California this summer so we can get the instate price and everything. The thing is I really don't want to move. My grades, GPA, etc are pretty good. Would it be better for me to move down to Cali or just stay in NV and then go to undergraduate school at UNR then transfer?</p>

<p>It's usually much harder to transfer into a college than to get admitted into the college when you apply as a senior in HS. I would just move to California if I were you. I don't think you have much of a choice anyways if your parents already bought a house and everything.</p>

<p>ur parents are moving to another state so u can go to college??????</p>