still confused with the weighted 3.0 senior year gpa

<p>my first semester was good, having an uw/w 3.0+</p>

<p>but for my second semester, i got 2 C's in ap classes :O
the rest of my uc approved classes were B's, except for 1 A for chinese 3
no D's or F's</p>

<p>so how does this weighted gpa work out?
would my C's in those ap classes be counted like B's instead?</p>

<p>my unweighted second semester gpa would be less than a 3.0</p>

<p>Aww, don't make it complicated! A month or two ago, I called the admissions counselors to ask them to explain what they mean by the admissions contract, and about the rumors for a weighted GPA requirement.</p>

<p>What they told me was that there is no weighted or unweighted GPA requirement that is 3.0, because that only is required for UCB, UCLA, and I think UCSD. They told me to read the admissions contract that I received when I was accepted, and follow it to a T. They told me that there is no need to worry about any required GPA of any kind, as long as EVERY grade is above a C. Unless the requirement said that a certain class needed to be a B or above, or anything weird like that, it's safe to assume that as long as all of your classes have an unweighted grade of C or above, that you are safe for Davis and will not be at risk for rescission. The reason why is that the general admissions contract just says, "No D's or F's, and report any grade situations ASAP." So no worries, my friend, you are safe :D</p>