Still Forced Doubles for Freshmen at UNH?

Hi. Wondering if freshman all are still in “built up triples”/forced doubles? If so, how tight are the rooms and do you have to share a closet? Is housing tight for upper classmen too? Just wondering if we want to either bother looking at UNH being we are OOS. Thanks for any input!

Oops, meant forced triples not doubles! :blush:

Many freshman (not all) are placed in built-up doubles. (a double room made into a triple) It was my worst fear for my student but it turned out to be fine. The roommates were all good guys, respectful of one another and it worked out well. I think it made my son learn to be more flexible which was good for him. They talked about who would take which bed beforehand as well as how to handle closet space. Yes, only 2 closets. Second semester a room opened up next door so they were able to stay together but in regular doubles.

I don’t think this housing possibility is a reason not to look at UNH. Housing does not seem to be so tight after freshman year.