Still haven't heard back from drexel

My application for Drexel university has been complete since January 5th and I still haven’t gotten a decision. I’m stressed because this is one of my top choices and I’ve gotten literally no information from them. There are people in my school who applied after me and got in. Does this mean I’ve been rejected?

My son applied 11/15 and no reply, it seems from reading in past years Drexel for what ever reason waits until the last minute. I would not give up hope. If you were rejected you would know.

No. Schools release decisions all on one day. Considering Drexel doesn’t have rolling, it’s fine. All schools do this. You’ll receive a decision by the end of the month.

Update: I did not get in. I got into UCONN though. However Drexel was my first choice so i’m a little sad