Still Haven't Heard From Yale

<p>Am I the only one that has yet to receive an Eli Account? Or even an email confirming that the admissions office has received my application? I'm starting to get a little worried, as it's been two weeks since I submitted. Assuage my fears, fellow CCers...</p>

<p>as long as you have thee common app emails (application, supplement, and fee), you can relax. it's not unusual for it to take this long, though i see how you can get a bit antsy.</p>

<p>I haven't gotten one yet either (and I applied Dec 30), but in previous years, it took a few weeks. I wouldn't worry yet. :)</p>

<p>In the same boat. No worries</p>

<p>yeah, me neither...</p>

<p>Yale takes notoriously long. Chill out. :)</p>

<p>Everyone should be receiving their Eli account info in the next two weeks or so, as Yale (and other colleges) let you know if they are missing any documents around the end of January.</p>

<p>Does anyone know when we're supposed to get notified for interviews? I had my Harvard one 3 days after I submitted, so this is a little unusual in comparison...</p>

<p>It all depends on how many alumni are in your area and how many students they need to interview. Last year, it took 3-4 weeks for my son to get his interview for Harvard and Yale, but it took nearly 3 months for his interview to Brown, Dartmouth and Georgetown.</p>

<p>Oh, okay! Then I guess I shouldn't worry about it:)</p>

<p>My ASC director sent out his first batch of RD interview requests yesterday and based on past experience, I expect to get several more the last week of January. One of my students submitted November 1st and the last submitted December 4th so have patience. We really like doing this and hope to get to everybody but in some regions that has not been possible.</p>

<p>Yale is the only college that I haven't heard from xD
I guess after reading these responses I shouldn't worry too much :)</p>

<p>Nope. But I did get one inviting me to consider cross-applying to both Yale and the new Yale-NUS college in Singapore.</p>

<p>Oops I was typing the previous message I got the needed email.</p>

<p>Just got my Eli Account</p>

<p>^ same here</p>

<p>Just got mine!</p>

<p>Compared to me, you can know what, i submitted my commonapp and fee online on Nov 15th, and i haven't heard a word from Yale even now.
Some colleges provide you your ID after you sumit all the requirements they need, including your transcripts and text scores. My Dec SAT scores were delayed, so i guess they haven't receive my scores yet.</p>