Still havent recieved acceptance decision from UIC in APRIL

So I applied to UIC before the deadline through regular decision, I have checked the website as all documents have been received. I called the admissions office many times asking about my application with only them saying it was still under review.

Ignite which is like a exploration day for ACCEPTED students was today (April 6, 2019) but I still didn’t get my letter which seemed strange to me. Any advice?

(I applied for UIC College of Business Administration as a Freshmen for Fall 2019 session)

When was the last time you spoke to someone in admissions? And when speaking to them they gave you no timeline by which you could expect a response? Does UIC use a portal rather than a physical letter to communicate decisions?

I agree it is a strange situation. No one here can answer that question. You should probably call the admissions office again.