Still in "We have recieved fall grades Status" 3/4 :(

<p>Seems like everyone has changed to review. :(</p>

<p>My status is still received fall grades too :( except mine was lasted updated 2/21</p>

<p>Mine is still like that as well, date set at 2/21...I've applied to SCA.</p>

<p>But I also just got into NYU Tisch for the same program so....hopefully their decisions are similar?</p>

<p>ahhh. congrats :D!..still feeling a bit on the low side though. I applied to Arts and Sciences.</p>

<p>mine is still fall grades since 1/30</p>

<p>same. since 3/4 as well. marshall :T</p>

<p>still in "we have received fall grades" since 2/10...Annenberg-Comm major...Already accepted Newhouse...patiently waiting...</p>