Still no FA package. Isn't it already kind of late?

<p>Called the school a couple of times already, but no offer yet. Is the school bound to put a package together by a certain date? What is the next step for S now? I told him he can do the admitted student's weekend only when he decides where he is going, now that is also getting delayed. Any suggestions?</p>

<p>Did you submit ALL of the required forms and documentation to the school on time? Has your son checked his student account link on the college website?</p>

<p>We’ve also not heard from one school. Don’t know why. They got the same paperwork as the others, who sent award letters very promptly. Some schools are just slow? Don’t care whether your student comes or not? Hard telling.</p>

<p>You need to be more persistent. Keep calling and get someone on the line who can tell you what is going on and don’t hang up until you get an answer.</p>



<p>Everything was submitted, including the verification docs, and their website shows everything is received. We check his student account several times a day. :(</p>



<p>Does that mean if we haven’t heard yet, we won’t hear at all unless we pester them?</p>

<p>My D has only gotten FA letter from 1 of 6 schools. As far as I know none of these schools only supply online (another school in our area is that way so we knew to watch for that). From searches on school websites most say they begin sending FA packages in April and continue thru May. It’s frustrating for us too - especially since the one we did get had an April 6 confirmation date. So either she gives it up in hopes others will be better, or she confirms and then has to formally withdraw acceptance if/when she picks another school.</p>

<p>I wish there were standard due dates across the board for all this stuff - EA, Reg Admin, Priority FA, housing, etc…it’s crazy having to keep track of all the different due dates and paying multiple housing deposits so you don’t loose a spot!</p>

<p>Are you in Texas? All state-based financial aid is (potentially) on the chopping block. Until the state legislative sessions ends, state schools cannot award 2011-2012 financial aid.</p>

<p>thanks zlc - that helps (me, at least)! </p>

<p>I know two of the states we are waiting on (not sure on other) have not yet finalized tuition increases, so i guess it may be hard for them to give a COA when they don’t know rates yet.</p>

<p>Still hate that we have to fork over fees (sometimes in the hundreds) prior to knowing all the details! I think for one school, if there was scholarship money we would have known by now, but another front-runner’s scholarship letter gave details of awarded scholarship, but then went on to say they may award additional scholarships outlined in the award letter.</p>

<p>@zlc-we are waiting on UNT. When is the session for Texas legislature ending? I never thought we would still be waiting on a college decision with 2 weeks left till the deadline</p>

<p>UT offered me a small scholarship and sent a financial aid package with loans and what note and just denoted that values were not final/subject to change due to pending legislation. I would imagine UNT does something similar- it’s impossible to expect a student to enroll without giving any indication of the FA package…</p>

<p>It is pretty late in the game, but some colleges are just way slow. Of the 10 colleges I was accepted to, I’m still missing one package (UMinnesota).</p>

<p>Kiddo got her final one today (and it’s the school she’d decided to attend). It was mailed. It’s frustrating for those who are trying to decide when all the decision-critical data isn’t available!</p>


<p>The TX Legislative session ends May 30, but the governor has until June 19 to sign or veto bills. Once the state-wide numbers are final, The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board sets the allotments for each school.</p>

<p>Contact UNT-some schools are sending initial award letters to incoming freshmen with packages of federal and institutional aid by May and then plan to followup with state-based aid later. Others are waiting to award any packages, it varies among schools.</p>