Still no scholarship letter

<p>The national decision date is a week away and i still have not received a scholarship letter from the Frost school at Miami. We've called, we've e-mailed, and we've called again...and again...and again. I thought I'd have about a month to make my decision with everything factored in, and now I have a week.</p>

<p>I don't know what to do. Should i just forget it and make a decision based on what I do have?</p>

<p>Maybe this was a pointless post, because it has to come sometime, but I'm just frustrated that the deadline is a week away.</p>

<p>Has anyone else had this problem?</p>

<p>Current students haven't even gotten their award letters yet for next semester.......</p>

<p>It's an all around problem this year... you're not alone!</p>

<p>LadyC - current students don't get their award letters until the incoming freshman class has been settled (I think they see how much $$ they have left!) - I think last year it was late May/early June.</p>

<p>Music - Do you mean you haven't received any FA letter at all? What did they say when you called?</p>

<p>I haven't received a financial aid or scholarship letter. The financial aid is posted on myum, which wasn't much, and because I'm with the Frost school, everything is done through them.</p>

<p>We called about my application at the beginning of april and they said the reason it was so late was because there had been an "unavoidable delay." And they said they same thing when we called about financial aid. I e-mail the director of the Frost school Mon., and got her reply yesterday telling me that I was on the list to be processed that day. Checked my mail today and there's still nothing. Which scares me because the national deadline is TUESDAY. Don't they realize this? As of right now I'll have at most 4 days to decide.</p>