Still trying to get a sense of the culture/social life

On paper HWS is a good fit for my DD, but for some reason she’s very turned off by the place and doesn’t want to visit. I’d push her harder to go check it out, but I myself am turned off by the way the social life is characterized in online reviews. It sounds like there isn’t much happening culturally on campus so the social life revolves around a scant number of frat parties. What really struck me as doubly pathetic was that students said they “couldn’t get in” to the frat parties. Really? On a tiny campus parties are by invitation only? Could anyone who goes to HWS or has a child or friend there weigh in?

If your daughter goes to HWS, she may want to stay away from frat parties:

The NYT article is not a accurate or fair representation of the colleges! HWS is a great school. What do you mean by culturally? Any specific questions you have about the colleges I will answer honestly.

My dd got big money to go to HWS but we visited and she didn’t like the feel of it. Just her opinion, I’m sure the school was fine. I think it was too small for her.