Still Waiting for Change of Major

<p>My enrollment window opens tomorrow but I declared a change of major over a week ago. Its still "pending", but thats not good enough because I need to know what classes to take.</p>

<p>I'm currently a CompSci major and requested a change to Business Information Management. I'm worried because I have not completed all the prereq's but I got most done. Given that I have a good GPA, a majority of the prereq's done, and the new major is in the same school (BIM is a joint effort between Donald Bren Information and Computer Science School - which I'm a part of, and the Paul Merage School of Business), is it still too risky to sign up for BIM classes like management and econ?</p>

<p>The only prereq's I'm missing is Econ 20B and some management class. I'm kinda worried because BIM accepts 10 transfers a year :/</p>

<p>You can't even sign up for management classes, they're major restricted and the upper division ones require an authorization code.. (except for MGMT 5)
I don't know much about BIM, but if it's as competitive as Business Administration, you should at least have a 3.8. You should talk to a counselor about your chances, they'd know best.
But you can take Econ.. and maybe consider declaring an econ minor as a backup? Unless you're not interesting in that.</p>

<p>I guess I should just sign up for compsci courses to be safe. I have a 3.2 now and turns out I'm missing 3 prereq's. I'll probably switch majors later in the year.</p>

<p>I don't think they accept change of majors unless the student fulfills ALL pre-reqs</p>

<p>I kinda agree junshik... I just don't see why they don't immediately reject me rather than make me check student access every 5 minutes just to see the word "pending" lol</p>

<p>Woops I thought I read somewhere when I looked into the BIM major a while back that you didn't need all the pre-reqs if there was enough space, but I don't think that's true cus I can't find that anywhere on the BIM info website.
and I don't think you have to keep checking Student Access. You'll probably get an email about it? I'm not sure because I submitted a change of major in the Social Sciences but they had an online form (this was before you could do it through student access), and they ended up emailing me.</p>

<p>I had submitted a change of major to business econ last week, but I hadn't fulfilled one pre-req, and I was denied. </p>

<p>It took about a week, and I did not receive any emails.</p>

<p>Sorry, should have mentioned this in my previous post.</p>

<p>I just happened to come across this as I was looking at change of major stuff. This is under BIM: "Students who have completed some but not all prerequisites may be considered if sufficient space is available."
Paul</a> Merage School of Business</p>

<p>Ya I signed up for ICS51, ICS 6G, and Woman Studies =( I'm taking compsci classes I don't want to, and my request is still pending... Its been over a week.</p>

<p>They might only accept people once a year, since that's how Business Admin is like (by the end of June, at least for this time I think..), and for another minor I applied to they accept only once a year in September/July.</p>

<p>Bumping a really old thread but my request was fulfilled a few days ago. You we're right moey lol. I can't believe it took this long. I completely forgot about it too until I check online. I'm kinda glad but also surprised at the suddenness. Luckily getting the classes I needed wasn't a hassle at all and I'm much happier with my new schedule.</p>