Stocking Stuffers 2022 - since we’re already talking holiday gifts

We got the Hot Honey and the Extra Hot Honey and both were a big hit. Looking forward to the ideas this year…


I put an ornament in everyone’s stockings. I buy from a variety of places, Hallmark, Old World Christmas, Gumps, etc… I bought this cute “golden doodle” ornament for my son’s fiancé from Etsy. It looks just like their dog!!


Those are adorable.

I work with CASA, an organization that helps families involved with the court system. We have a closet to pull things from for the kids we work with…games, toys, toiletries, and a few items of clothing. I recently needed to get the kids some clothing, and noticed a whole box of socks. Bombas socks and I thought ‘wow, nice.’ Then I remembered that Bombas donates a pair for every pair purchased and thought “Hey, they really do.”

So thank all of you who buy the socks for Christmas stockings.


Thank you for reminding me to get some Bombas for the kiddos! These are great socks, and so cool to confirm that they indeed donate their products.


I ordered the 8 packs of preserves, etc. for stockings. I’m also going to get more Hot Honey, and one Extra Hot, if I can find it.
The “kids” know much of what will be in their stockings, but I like to put in a couple (or more) surprises.
Another thing I got, which I don’t remember mentioning, is hair scrunches from Athleta. They had them on sale for less than half price.
I got dress socks for the girls from Talbots to use one of the $20 coupons they sent me, so can’t beat that price.

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