Stockwell or West Quad

<p>hey im gonna be a sophomore next year and we all know that dorm applications begin monday. My friend and I are deciding between these two dorms. They each have their pros and cons. West Quad is at the union really close to campus really good location but not great food (need to go to south quad?) and far from ccrb. Stockwell is near CCRB, near mojo dining, near campus and near bus stops but is 70% single and i think you need to do the SYE. Anyone have info they wanna share to ease making this decision? Thanks</p>

<p>It's not that far from West Quad to the IM Building on Hoover. You are also much closer to the outside dining options of Main Street and the general downtown area. Pizza Bob's on State is only a close walk away, just north of Packard.</p>

<p>It depends on the social atmosphere you're looking for. West quad has a rep as a bit of a "party dorm" because it houses some athletes. Stockwell is relatively quiet and stuffy, although that might change next year, once fewer annoying juniors/seniors live here.</p>