Stolen phone

<p>At the The University of Arizona campus during orientation my phone was stolen in the bookstore, i managed to contact the possessor in attempts to retrieve my phone but they shut it off, so to the person with the phone, please if you are a student or family member please return the phone i have precious photos and important contacts on that phone, i beg you to show some compassion and return it, even just leaving it somewhere like a park or place where i can access it, we don’t have to meet just…please, i need my phone. if thats to much then at least send me my pictures, </p>

<p>Update* my phone has been turned off by my carrier, at this point the phone is unusable, you had your chance of getting a reward we had the money but at this point please turn it in somewhere, anywhere! its a cheap little phone its not a gaxaly s4 or an iphone its a little family mobile phone its worth nothing to you just drop it off in the book store of something. </p>

<p>that was my first day and the experience was awful, if anyone knows about the phone please contact me, i know i saw a galaxy note be turned in 2 hours after mine was stolen. if you hear anyone commenting on stealing a samsung touchscreen phone( with a gray lock screen background and a sunset regular background and scratched on the bottom of the phone) pleas please PLEASE message me. i saved all year for that phone and i have all my photos from a recent trip to southafrica on there, i need them please!</p>