Stonehill College Admissions

Hi everyone! I am applying to Stonehill College Early Decision this month, and I was wondering if you all wouldn’t mind giving me an idea of what my chances are of being admitted. My guidance counselor said not to worry to much about it, but that has made me even more nervous.
Anyway here are my stats:
GPA Unweighted: 3.7/92.4
GPA Weighted: 4.0/98.3
SATS: 1180 (Though I will not be sending them)
Course Curriculum: 2 AP courses, majority Honors or Level 4 courses, a few regular level courses
Clubs: I have participated in a numerous amount of clubs and have worked two jobs part time all through high school
and I was just inducted into National Honors Society.
So there is pretty much everything!
So please just tell me what you think my chances are of being admitted and any other advice you have!
Thank you so much!!

Your SATs are about avg for Stonehill so you may want to send them. At ED, your chances will be very, very good

Thank you for the input! I just wasn’t too thrilled with my scores but since all of my schools were test optional I didn’t take the SATs again. Do you think it would hurt me if I didn’t send them?

Unless your SATs were BEYONE terrible, I would just send the scores. I think that colleges might assume the worst. Your average is well above average (buh duh, tss) and the National Honors Society is a plus. A few more AP courses couldn’t hurt, but I think that with your grades and working two jobs is impressive.
Clubs help, and hopefully you got some sort of leadership role. Even if you didn’t, I think you have a strong chance of getting in.

Okay great!! Thank you so so much for your help!! I’ll hear any day now and I’m freaking out!! Do you know if there is a less chance of receiving merit scholarships because I applied early decision?

@Ahaddad99 Supposedly we’re supposed to get first look, meaning we should get more, but I’m not 100% sure. I was skeptical at first, but at this point, I don’t think we can change what happens. Did you hear back? I’m still waiting :-SS

Oh that makes sense that’s awesome!! and yes I just heard back today!! I got in!! Tell me when you hear!! I hope you got in!!

@Ahaddad99 Oops, I didn’t respond lol. I got in too! Are you in the groupme or on facebook?