Stony Brook Acceptance Letter

Does anyone know when merit scholarship may be announced?

I emailed the school. They said mid to late January for merit scholarships and that applicants would receive notification via email and postal letter.

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Does SUNY Stony Brook give merit money for OOS students?

Hi, I applied in late October and I still haven’t received a decision. I know people that applied after me but got their decisions. Should I be worried?

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No, I don’t think so becuase I have friends in the same boat

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My twins both got their acceptances over a month ago but we are OOS. Does anyone know if StonyBrook gives merit money? Since we are out of state, it’s $47K a year and way too high. NOt sure how to see if they got any merit money or if they usually gives merit money out.

Hi , My son applied and still awaiting decision. fingers crossed!! he applied in October. We are in state.

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I am in state, applied in October to the Business School (which recently got AACSB accredited) and haven’t heard anything yet either. Hopefully soon


Regarding merit scholarships for OOS students - yes couple of years back my older child got merit scholarship as an OOS student. Younger child has been admitted, have not yet heard back about merit scholarship.

Thank you for the info

I applied Dec 15th, nothing yet. I applied later than I should have, but hopefully we will all be getting decisions soon


Just received acceptance today by update to Application Status page. Business Management. No email was sent. It says that an acceptance letter with more admission info will follow within the next two weeks.

Just received acceptance by update portal, , You’ve been admitted to Stony Brook University. Your letter of admission is available for download below.’’ but i dont see any letter in portal, did you see any download?

Congratulations!! If they very recently accepted you, it might take some time for it to show up. When did you submit your application?

Thank you, I submit 2th January regular decision plan

That’s a really early decision, you must have been very competitive! What is your intended major and your stats?

I am international. Major-economics: Stats- SAT 1460, Toefl 112, Full IB scores 39. lot of activities and etc

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Same here. No download.

Do they start with oos acceptances? My son applied end of October and still waiting anxiously.

I am in state (Long Island) and applied end of September. Accepted 1/15 to School of Business. I think acceptances are rolling and random

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