Stony Brook Acceptance Letter

I just got an acceptance letter from SBU, like a couple of days ago from making this post. And I’m kinda confused because I applied for RD Fall 2022, as it says that everywhere(on the Solar system and the acceptance letter and common app), but on the SBU website it says that ur not supposed to get a decision by like Feb 1 for RB Fall 2022. Is the letter that I got a mistake?


My son got his acceptance a couple of days ago too. From being on these forums, it seems many schools make decisions before the date they list generically.

No mention of the honors college he applied for yet though, nor whether there will be any merit.


congratulations on your acceptance!


Seems my son got an acceptance as well. It says admitted to AOI-CS. Need to check the requirements to declare the major after one year.

When did you apply? And did you receive your acceptance letter through mail, email, or on the portal?

Applied 11/6. The admission Letter is on the portal. Hopefully it is not a mistake. it is also possible OOS applicants hear first.

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Got DS got an admit to CS today. Applied first week of November. . No word on merit.

Is it AOI-CS or is there a direct admit to CS as well?

The top right part of the letter says “Major: Computer Science” along with other information about the application including the deadline to accept/reject. The letter also says this “Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you of your acceptance to the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Stony Brook University. In recognition of your fine academic performance, you have been admitted as a matriculated undergraduate for the Fall 2022 Semester.” We are interpreting this as direct admission to the major.

Congrats. Looks like a direct admit. My son’s letter has an extra sentence saying additional pre-req courses are needed for admission to the major.

Congratulations to all!
Another Seawolves family here.
One a Sophomore, another just received the offer on Monday.

SBU does not have EA, they accept students on rolling basis (similar to Penn State, University of Minnesota, etc.)

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Typically, OOS applicants are notified first.

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Hi, I applied in late October, but I didn’t submit my honors program essay yet. Will this lead my decision notice to come later? I wanted to see if I got in and then I wanted to submit my honors essay. Please let me know!

Naw we good. I did actually get in. I was in state and I got the acceptance letter on like Nov 24

So you didn’t submit the honors program essay at that time, but got a acceptance?

The honors program essay is not due till 1/15/2022.
You will more than likely to get the general admission first before 1/15/2022.
Decisions on the honors programs won’t be released till March 2022.

When did you apply? And what’s your major?

Applied the Thursday before Nov 1. I applied for CS. I submitted the Honors College Essay before acceptance because the Honors College acceptance comes out in like March I think?

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Oh, I didn’t know that. I thought it was rolling from Feb 1 and on until all majors are filled or something